Enroll More information Jump start your 360 video learning journey The 360 media for learning design certificate is your fast track to incorporating the latest digital learning technologies into your participants’ learning journey. Experiencing virtual reality in the classroom, VR in the class Enroll More information Facilitate VR learning experiences like a pro! This 360 Learning Media Facilitation Course provides you with all required tools for a successful VR implementation and facilitation in your classroom. Enroll More information Improve learner retention
with infographics
In this project centered course you will learn how to create learner centric infographics for your participants. courses to learn how to design infographics
Enroll More information Engage, empower & educate
with AR in Learning!
This course provides you with the required knowledge and skills to design and implement your own Augmented Reality projects in learning. augmented reality courses in Europe for trainers
Enroll More information Develop Effective
Online Trainings
This course provides you with the tools and knowledge to create successful virtual trainings that stick. professionals developing learning materials
Enroll More information Become an Effective
Online Trainer
This course was designed for facilitators who want to learn the tips and tricks of successful online training facilitation. trainer facilitating tools for online learning
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