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By educators for educators

Various devices woth Mindsed content. Smartphone, tablet and laptop

Mindsed designs and delivers the best digital learning courses by educators for educators in the training industry. Our brand was carefully designed to reflect the high quality of our products and the values we stand for.


We pretty much live and breath Mindsed and we strive to keep the brand’s appearance consistent.

To make it easier for anyone who would like to work with us and use our Mindsed logo, we have put together a small guide on how to use our logo and brand elements. This guide includes all information you need to maintain the consistency.



The logo can only be used

Mindsed logo orientation

With its original orientation.

Mindsed logo correct use

With and without a tagline.

Mindsed logo colors

With its original colors such as Pantone. If you are limited on color, black and white and grey versions are available as well.

Mindsed logo proportions

Without reconfiguring or changing the size or placement of any logo elements.

Mindsed logo security space

With a designated amount of clear space on all sides.

Mindsed logo misuse

Not being stretched or squeezed.

Before you start searching online
for MINDSED images

We thought we can save you some time and share with you our best picks right here.

Feel free to download and use them.

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