Mindsed is

Mindsed is

How the idea about training for teacher was born

When we started our own digital learning journeys years ago, we hoped to learn from other organizations’ best practices. We searched for courses we could attend or resources to guide us in selecting, implementing, and using the right tools, platforms, approaches, and methodologies for our organizations.


Even years later, when new training professionals joined our team, no comprehensive materials were available. The lack thereof sparked the idea to create a place where this information is available for everyone in the training industry.


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We stand for

Education developed at the beginning of the 20s century doesn’t attract learners anymore. Employees want to learn at their own pace without sitting in a classroom.

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New set of skills

We at Mindsed are dedicated to helping you make this leap. Your digital learning design, delivery skills, and expertise are our mission. No matter if you are a digital learning novice or an experienced digital learning professional, Mindsed offers leading solutions that support all learning professionals in their digital learning journey.


Our powerful and effective online offerings and tailor-made solutions are carefully designed to address today’s learning professionals’ needs.


Who will benefit from our courses?


Our courses are designed to support all training professionals and training enthusiasts to enhance their digital learning knowledge and skills.

The  of Mindsed


Tanja’s experience and expertise developing learning ecosystems in diverse organizations has given her the insights to understand the challenges that organizations, institutions, management and trainers face when starting off with learning. Tanja brings a strong knowledge of facilitating learning, how they can best be utilized for a diverse workforce and well-build experience in managing the lifecycle of product integration to the table.

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Egil is passionate about communication and digitalization. Having worked with organizations in Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East, he understands the communication and change management aspects and efforts required to ensure a successful transition from traditional classroom training to digital learning offerings in your organization.

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Lina is the creative spirit of Mindsed. She has a long and dedicated experience as graphical designer and she has worked with a range of prestigious clients over the years. Her motto as graphical designer is that “less is more”, and this is what Mindsed is all about; taking something complex and complicated, and making it easy and understandable. Lina is the enabler for Mindsed to bridge this gap.


Nicolás has a strong passion for audiovisual production and photography.  Due to his expertise and proficiency in the audiovisual production industry, he has received numerous awards. Some of his noteworthy qualities and abilities include creativity, critical thinking, adaptability, effective communication, and teamwork. These skills are instrumental in the development and design of educational materials.


Esteban brings our videos to life through his extensive expertise in animation and audiovisual production. His work serves as a valuable tool in bridging knowledge gaps and catering to diverse learning styles among students. Joining Mindsed with an impressive track record of creating engaging and successful videos for global audiences.


Yessica’s passion for graphic design is shown in her outstanding illustrations: She turns complex information into easy-to-understand visuals that help learners bridge language and comprehension barriers. Yessica’s focus is on helping our learners learn by conveying knowledge through visuals that stick.


Santiago puts life into our videos with his in-depth knowledge of animations and motion graphics. His animations help bridging knowledge gaps and provide solutions to students with different learning preferences. He joined Mindsed with a long track record of creating successful and highly engaging videos for global audiences.

Jhan Candela


Jhan is the UX/UI developer at Mindsed. He is responsible for giving life and interactivity to our visual content. With his exceptional talent and skills in user experience, graphic design, and web development, he helps the team translate complex and demanding training information into user-friendly interfaces and learning products.


Yury stands as Mindsed’s innovative and dedicated instructional designer, driven by a strong passion for crafting dynamic and captivating learning experiences. Backed by a robust foundation in both education and technology, Yury loves creating effective training programs and learner-focused materials by seamlessly blending instructional design theories, pedagogical principles, and state-of-the-art technology to create transformative and impactful learning solutions.



Andrés is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance teaching and learning. With extensive experience in creatively deploying cutting-edge technologies in education, he has worked across virtual, blended, and in-person modalities. His expertise ensures the careful management of the educational technology infrastructure for the organization’s projects.

Maritza Bejarano


Maritza is an enthusiastic Instructional Designer passionate about creating engaging and compelling learning experiences with a strong background in instructional design methodologies and eLearning development. Maritza enjoys creating dynamic and learner-centered content to develop innovative training solutions that enhance learner engagement and drive organizational success.


Jose has a diverse skill set and a strong background in instructional designing, training, and development. With expertise in onboarding, e-learning, data analytics, and a focus on strategic objectives. Jose’s combination of analytical thinking and social skills makes him well-suited to impact job performance and drive innovation within the organization positively.

Our vision is to become the digital learning capacity-building academy of choice globally.

Our mission is to create high-quality, easy to understand and comprehensive learning materials for learning professionals in digital learning.

Our values

Our customers are in the heart of our strong values of
enablement, excellence and expertise.


We enable our learners to understand and apply various digital learning concepts, tools, and platforms on their journey.


Mindsed deliver excellence with our world-class learning offerings online and in the classroom.


Our company offer expertise through our strong foundation of industry experience and best practices.

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