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About us

Who are we?

Mindsed is a training and service provider in the field of digital learning.

What do we offer?

Mindsed offers training materials for educators to learn and apply digital learning concepts, methodologies, platforms, systems and tools. In addition, Mindsed offers services by delivering high quality 360 Media content for learning, eLearning Development Services as well as consultative support.

Who are our customers?

Our powerful and effective online offerings and tailor-made solutions are carefully designed to address the challenges of today’s corporate learning professionals. Learning managers, training consultants, learning designers, as well as traditional and online facilitators will benefit from our courses.

What is our vision and mission?

Our vision is to become the digital learning capacity building academy of choice in the world. Our mission is to create high quality, easy to understand and comprehensive learning materials for learning professionals in the field of digital learning.

What are our values?

Our customers are in the heart of our strong values of enablement, excellence and expertise.
We enable our learners to understand and apply various digital learning concepts, tools and platforms on their journey. We deliver excellence with our world-class learning offerings online and in the classroom. We offer expertise through our strong foundation of industry experience and through best practice.

Contact Us

Send us an email to or by filling out our contact form.

Media & Press

How can I get in contact with Mindsed for Media and Press inquiries?

Simply send us an email to and we will get in contact with you.

Where can I find the brand guidelines for using the Mindsed logo?

Have a look at your brand assets page where we have shared a few guidelines on how to use our logo.

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