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I am not sure if I should attend the course I am interested in. Is there any additional information available which can help me to decide whether or not to attend?

All information about our courses, workshops or webcasts is available on the Mindsed webpage. In case you have any further questions, which could help you determine if the course is right for you, please send us an email to or by filling out the contact form. We will get back to you within the next two business days.

Can I get the PDF version of the participant handbook for my course?

Once you purchased one of our online or on demand courses a PDF version of the participant handbook will be available for download for you.

Can I download the videos of my course?

No, our videos are not available for download however you will be able to watch them at any point in time during the first year after purchasing the course. You can access the videos via your learner portal.

Can I have the presentation slides of my webinar?

All our participant handbooks include all information covered by the facilitator. Hence, the presentation slides are not shared separately.

Can I get the course material ahead of time?

All participants of Mindsed certificate programs get access to the participant handbook as well as additional information a week before the start of the program. Participants of on demand courses will get access to material the moment they purchase the course. All other participants who attend face to face workshops will get access to the material on the first day of the training.

Why can’t I access all the material at once?

Our online courses are released based on a weekly ‘drip’ schedule. Lectures, access to discussion forums, quizzes and other material are released based on a carefully designed course schedule which supports our learners in their learning process. Our drip schedules allow all our participants progress at similar times through the course content and form a community of practice through discussion forums and activities. In addition, we ensure, that all our learners don’t get overwhelmed and spend the necessary time to complete every section.

How long will I be able to access the course material online?

You can access your material for 365 days after purchasing your ‘on demand’ course and for 365 days after your first training day after purchasing an online course. You won’t have access to your course material online when you attended one of your face to face course or workshop offerings.

How do I know what has to be learned and completed?

You will receive our joining instructions before the start of your training as well as quick reminders during the course of your training. Those reminders will include recaps, deadlines and next release dates or session dates.


Where can I find a list of upcoming webcasts?

You can find our upcoming webcasts here or by signing up for our newsletter. We send monthly schedules to all our subscribers via email.

Are webcasts recorded and made available afterwards?

Some of our webcasts will get recorded and made available in our knowledge center. We will inform you if a webcast is recorded, and you as a participant may opt out from the recording at any time in line with GDPR.

How can I get information about upcoming Webcasts?

Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you information about our upcoming webcasts.

When should I join a Mindsed webcast?

Our webcasts start at the times indicated in your newsletter and in the sign up form. However, our facilitators will start welcoming our attendees at least 15 minutes prior to the start of a session.


If a program is already fully booked, is there a waitlist policy available?

Yes, we do create waiting lists for participants who are interested in a certain program that has already reached its maximum number of attendees. If a seat becomes available, Mindsed will get in contact with the first person on the list via phone and email. The person then has one day (24 hours) to enroll for the program before the next person on the list is contacted. To get added to a waitlist please contact our team by sending us an email to indicating the course and course dates you are interested in.

How can I register for a Mindsed webcasts?

You can register on our webpage under the ‘webcasts’ tab or by clicking on the webcast link in your Mindsed newsletter.

I have registered for one of the Mindsed courses, when can I expect to hear from Mindsed about the next steps in taking the course?

Once registered for a course, workshop or webinar you will receive a confirmation email stating that you are successfully enrolled for the program. Shortly after the confirmation email, you will receive your joining instructions from our team. In case you haven’t received any information within the first three days after signing up please get in contact with our team via email to

Do I have to pay to attend a Mindsed webcasts?

No, all our webcasts are free of charge. To join one of our webcasts, simply sign up for the webcast you would like to attend and get access to session.

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