Boost corporate learning and engagement with augmented reality for adult learners

The global pandemic has presented many challenges for corporate learning and engagement with AR for adult learners professionals, particularly when finding ways to deliver high-quality instruction to adult learners working remotely.

One solution that has gained traction in recent years is using augmented reality (AR) in corporate learning and development.
AR technology allows users to view and interact with digital content in the real world.

Using AR, training professionals can create engaging and interactive learning experiences to help adult learners stay motivated and engaged while learning remotely.

Corporate training professionals can use AR by creating AR content that learners can access through their smartphones or tablets. This can include interactive lessons, games, and simulations that allow learners to practice skills and make decisions in a safe and controlled setting.

Another option is to use AR in the classroom or in-person training sessions, particularly in healthcare, manufacturing, and emergency response industries. For example, learners can use AR to view and explore equipment or procedures, study human anatomy, or practice emergency response scenarios.

In addition to its potential as a learning tool, AR can also be used to foster collaboration and communication among adult learners who are learning remotely.

For example,

Learners can work together on AR projects or use AR to communicate in real-time.

While AR is not a replacement for all forms of corporate training, it can be a valuable addition to a training professional’s toolkit, particularly in the current environment where remote work is becoming more prevalent.

By embracing AR, training professionals can unlock many remote learning opportunities and help ensure that their adult.

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